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We are a team that delivers our clients the maximum value to their lifetime work

We are entrepreneurs, just like our clients


CapitalInvest is an entrepreneurial business, just like our clients’ businesses.

And this makes us proud

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We offer to our clients our professionalism and our unwavering trustworthiness and loyalty.


Independent M&A Advisers

CapitalInvest is an independent Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) and Corporate Finance Advisory boutique.

Established in 2002, CapitalInvest employs the services of some of the most experienced investment bankers in Romania.

Industry Pioneers

CapitalInvest Partners were among the pioneers of privatisation advisory in Romania. Numerous multinational companies were advised by CapitalInvest Partners in the acquisitions of local companies, most of them still successfully operating nowadays.

CaptialInvest Partners have also successfully completed numerous privatization transactions on behalf of Romanian Government (represented by, among others, The State Ownership Fund) both in competitive processes as well as in Public Offerings on the Stock Exchange.

Rich and Successful Track Record

Each of CapitalInvest’s Partners has more than 20 years of experience in Corporate Finance Advisory projects, together having successfully closed more than 50 transactions with a cumulated value in excess of € 2 bn.

Among the clients served by CapitalInvest and/or its Parners there are numerous local and multinational companies as well as various governmental organisations and agencies.

Our Team

We are team of seasoned investment bankers, each of us having more than 20 years of business experience. Each Partner held senior executive positions in multinational companies. Each member was part of and headed teams that transformed and led to success local subsidiaries of multinational groups, which became benchmarks within their groups. We are a team in which each member was on the other side of the barricade, where our clients are now, and this helps us to better understand them and offer the best advice on the market.

We are a team that has built a reputation for professionalism, ambition and honesty towards our client. We position ourselves close to our client which we serve with desire and devotion until the successful closing of the project.


Sell-Side M&A

We are the ideal partners for local entrepreneurs in their quest to successfully sell their business.

CapitalInvest has proved time and again that it has found the best buyers and it has negotiated, alongside its clients, the terms and conditions that led to the maximization of our clients’ benefits extracted from the sale of their business.

Buy-Side M&A

IWe have a comprehensive history of successful transactions in which multinational companies have acquired local businesses. Now, many local entrepreneurs see the benefits of growth by acquisitions, in Romania and abroad.

CapitalInvest has the ability to manage such a process and to offer post-transaction support in order for its client to maximise the synergies that led the initial.

Capital Raising

During a Capital Raising Process CapitalInvest’s main objective is the maximization of the value of our client, thus decreasing the dilution of the existing shareholders.

Besides the main services mentioned above, CapitalInvest offers additional services, such as:

Business plan preparation


Strategic advisory

Post transaction advisory


Financial Services

Building Materials


Energy and Utilities



Transport & Logistics

Food and Beverages


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